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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA
since 1995


  • production of machine and equipment components
  • as a special need, non-series products too

Additional activities connecting to cutting components

  • welding
  • surface finishing
  • ironwork activities
  • construction of rubber and other abrasive or tread surfaces according to customer needs


We produce mainly machinery components for our customers (Germany, Swiss, French, Austria, UK, and Slovakia). Our components are built in to their products, and are exported by them. Our components are in wide scale, from the heavy industry and different vehicle turning components to medical equipment.

Programming our CNC machines are made by SOLID WORKS CAD CAM system, according to model either made by us, or send by the customer

From november 2018 we are able to deliver our products controlled by ABERLINK ZENITH 3 type 3D coordinate measuring machine (X1000, Y15000, Z800 mm) up to thousandth mm accuracy.


With these tools we can deliver more services, as:

  • as needed, measuring components for other customers,
  • making 3D models,
  • programming CAD CAM system,
  • scanning sample components and making programs.

According to the type of service we produce documentation, either in electronic form.